Welcome to UCT Groups P/L, UCT Groups have inexcess of thirty years combined knowledge in the security industry. We possess the experience which include Risk Analysis, Counter Terrorism, Crowd Control, Retail, Commercial and Event Management.
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Static Guards
UCT Groups provides static guard protection to a host of clients.. These include shopping centres, building sites, public monuments and parks. Our guards are always maintain a high level of professionalism courteousy and are committed to providing the best services for our clients.

Mobile Patrol
Our mobile patorls include foot and vehicle surveillance in accordance with clients’designated locations of choice. Our mobile guards operate within a 24/7 support centre.

Crowd Control
Our crowd control services include but not limited to Clubs, pubs, sporting complexes and events as well as special venues.

Body Guards
Close Personal Protection, (CPP) is conducted and provided by our highly skilled Security Operatives. Prior to C.P.P. is carried out, our Risk Strategists conduct assessments on the tasks at hand, ensuring a safe and secure environment for our clients..